Hair loss can be devastating to both men and women and can lead to a decrease in self confidence. PRP hair restoration utilizes the growth stimulating effects of PRP to promote hair growth and decrease hair thinning.

Why use PRP for hair rejuvenation?

  • minimal downtime
  • stimulate damaged or dormant follicles to regenerate hair regrowth
  • no cuts or scars
  • minimal procedural time



PRP hair restoration  $500

x3 sessions $1400

x6 sessions  $2700 


Expected appointment time: 30-60 minutes


Most frequent questions and answers

PRP is injected directly into the scalp. While no numbing medication is applied, the needle size is extremely small which makes the procedure very tolerable. It may feel like tiny pinches.

Expect tenderness to the scalp for 1-2 days, however there will be no obvious signs of the procedure. You can expect to return to your regular schedule after your appointment.

Patience is essential with this treatment, Six treatments are recommended which are spaced out over the course of 8 months. After that, every year, 1-2 maintenance treatments may be recommended.