VI chemical peels can be used on the face as well as over many areas of the body! The VI Peel is a unique blend of 5 acids that can be used to address a plethora of conditions: hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, photo damage, melasma, pilaris keratosis, active acne and acne scarring, signs of aging (wrinkles) and can even treat precancerous skin growths.

  1. Retinoic Acid

This powerhouse acid penetrates the skin inhibiting melanin production and increasing cell turnover.

  1. Trichloroacetic Acid

TCA then targets signs of aging by boosting collagen and exfoliating the skin.

  1. Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid prevents inflammation by killing bacteria, suppressing sebum production and cleansing the pores.

  1. Phenol

This is the secret weapon that numbs the skin allowing for a painless application.

  1. Ascorbic Acid

Finally, the ascorbic acid is a powerful antioxidant that reverses free radicals, evens skin tone and helps prevent future damage.

VI Peels penetrate the papillary dermis resulting in regenerative changes. All peels are self neutralizing, non invasive and light to medium depth depending on application technique. It is safe for all skin types. You may require one or a series of treatments to gain desired results.

VI Peels can be scheduled in combination with wrinkle treatments (hyperlink) appointments to improve tone, texture and wrinkles to keep your skin glowing!

VI Peels can also be scheduled alternatively with PRP microneedling for improved results.

AFTER 2 VI Peel and 2 Microneedling Treatments

AFTER 2 VI Peel and 2 Microneedling Treatments




One peel session $300

x3 sessions $800 



Peel / PRP microneedling: $800 


Peel/PRP microneedling /Peel/PRP microneedling/Peel (alternating every 4-6 weeks) $1800


Expected appointment time: 60 minutes

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary and desired results may require multiple treatments. 


Most frequent questions and answers

You should expect to feel a tingling sensation that could progress to very slight burning that is very tolerable. This only occurs when the peel is initially applied, however this sensation will pass.

You can expect to see results in 7 days.


You should expect the heaviest peel days between day 3 and 5. Peeling should be complete by day 7.

For some people, results can be attained in one treatment, while for others a series of 2-3 treatments or a combination treatment (VI Peel with another treatment eg PRP microneedling) may be required for desired results.